Every summer is an experimental year in our gardens. We scratched a new garden out of the sandy soil in the bottom of our coulee in 2015. We have been adding cover crops, manure and compost to build up to organic matter. Our well water has proved a bit challenging – it’s just on the edge of use-able for irrigation due to high salt content. Peppers love it, while cucumbers wilt.

We spend our time in the garden learning which vegetables we can successfully coax to maturity over the course of our short summers, how best to divvy up the land for sustainable production, and what protection measures might be necessary in light of increasingly common hail storms.

Harvest time is perhaps the most satisfying time of year for the vegetable gardener. Bringing the wide assortment of produce into the kitchen for canning, drying, and freezing brings a deep sense of contentment that makes the months of planting, weeding, and watering all worthwhile.

In coming years, we may just get the hang of this gardening thing and be able to sell produce at a roadside stand in Lavina, or directly to local markets and restaurants.  Keep your eyes peeled for Coulee Creek Ranch gardens’ produce!

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