Coulee Creek Ranch is committed to providing delicious, nutritious food to our community while practicing responsible stewardship of the grassland ecosystem. We are a fourth generation family-owned and operated Red Angus cattle ranch located in Lavina, Montana.

We sell 100% grassfed beef. Head over to our Grassfed Beef page to learn more or place an order todayWe also sell farm fresh eggs and handmade soap.

Why we use regenerative agriculture practices:

The prairie ecosystem responds positively to grazing pressure by large herbivores that fertilize and aerate the soil as they move across the landscape. We tap into these natural cycles by moving our herd across the landscape frequently. This creates the potential for healthy functioning grasslands that provide habitat for thousands of species of insects, birds, plants and fungi.

Healthy functioning soils are the foundation for this healthy habitat. Our grazing practices are designed to increase and maintain soil health by…

  • boosting microbial activity
  • encouraging root systems
  • increasing water retention
  • storing carbon
  • promoting diverse communities of plants, fungi, and animals

Animals that graze on healthy grasslands with a diverse diet produce meat that is more nutritious (nutrient dense) and delicious. Regenerative agriculture practices create better health for the ecosystem, which translates to better animal health and better human health.

In recognition of our holistic agriculture practices, we received a Sustainability Certification from the Western Sustainability Exchange. This certification ensures that we:

  • Treat animals humanely
  • Eliminate hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate chemicals used in production practices
  • Protect open space, wildlife habitat, and water and soil quality

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