Grassfed Beef

We are honored to provide delicious, nutritious and humanely-raised 100% grassfed beef to communities across central Montana. Our animals are all-natural (never given hormones or antibiotics). We butcher our beef locally at USDA-certified processors where it is dry-aged for two weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness. Grassfed beef has a high percentage of healthy fats (omega 3s and CLA), and is rich in beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

We are now taking 2021 orders! We sell 100% grassfed bulk beef and ground beef by the pound. A minimum bulk purchase is 1/8th beef (roughly 50 pounds). All bulk beef purchases include approximately 25% steaks, 25% roasts and 50% burger by weight. Head over to our online order form for more details and to reserve your beef today!

Infographic courtesy of the Good Meat Project

Check out the Good Meat Project to learn more about purchasing beef directly from a rancher. You’ll find information on storage space requirements, beef cuts, and cooking tips.

We are proud to have a Sustainability Certification from the Western Sustainability Exchange. This certification ensures that we:

  • Treat animals humanely
  • Eliminate hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate chemicals used in production practices
  • Protect open space, wildlife habitat, and water and soil quality

Want to learn more about Coulee Creek Ranch and our grassfed beef? Please send us an email or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

One of our friendly bulls tests the new corral gates

Thanks so much to the Red Ants Pants Foundation for believing in our dream and supporting our work. They awarded us a generous grant to purchase gates for our new corrals in 2014. We are grateful we can provide a low-stress handling experience to our cattle with these modern, efficient corrals

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