Grassfed Beef

We are pleased to provide humanely-raised grassfed and grass-finished beef to communities across central Montana. Our animals are all-natural (never given hormones or antibiotics), and are butchered between 24 and 36 months of age.

We are proud to be certified by the Western Sustainability Exchange.

A couple of times a year we butcher young steers at Pioneer Meats in Big Timber or Stillwater Processing in Columbus. When we started the ranch in 2014, our ultimate goal was to sell beef directly to our community. In the winter of 2018, we began selling beef shares to friends and neighbors anywhere in the Billings to Bozeman corridor. We hope to continue to grow these direct-to-consumer sales in the coming years!

Please send us an email if you would like more information on beef prices and availability.

One of our friendly bulls tests the new corral gates

Thanks so much to the Red Ants Pants Foundation for believing in our dream and supporting our work. They awarded us a generous grant to purchase gates for our new corrals. We built the corrals over the course of summer 2014, and tested them out in October. Everything worked smoothly! We are grateful we can provide a low-stress handling experience to our cattle with these modern, efficient corrals.

In the beginning - May 2014
Work began on the corrals in April 2014
August 2014
Ready for cattle! October 2014
The corrals were ready to use by October 2014

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