Sisters Soapworks

Sisters Soapworks

I make soap by hand one small batch at a time, using a blend of vegetable oils (olive, coconut, castor, sweet almond, and organic & sustainably-sourced palm). I add essential oils for scent and grapefruit seed extract as a natural preservative. The bars are extra moisturizing with a thick and creamy lather. They are wonderful for cleansing bodies, faces and even hair!

I sell bars directly to customers, and ship them across the states. Contact me if you’d like more information or to place a custom order.

How Sisters Soapworks began

cold process vegetable oil soap

It all started in the kitchen of my studio apartment in the summer of 2011. Inspired by the fantastic Natural Soap Book by Susan Miller Cavitch, I started my first batch of cold-processed vegetable oil soap one morning before work. Much to my chagrin, it took quite a bit longer than expected to saponify due to the inclusion of extra virgin olive oil. After one hour of stirring, I realized I’d have to go before the soap was ready to pour, yet I didn’t want to waste all the precious oils I had put into the mix. Luckily, my sister was visiting me, and she offered to step in and finish the soap while I hurried out the door. Thus Sisters Soapworks was created, and we gave the bars to friends and family for holiday gifts. It was such a success that I’ve continued making soap each year to share as gifts. Eventually, I received enough requests for soap outside of the holidays that I decided to go into the soap-making business.

Made in Montana

2 thoughts on “Sisters Soapworks

  1. I’d like to order some of your soap. Got a bar from Suzanne’s wedding and it works great in our south Texas hard water. I’m a friend of Susie’s Ryan’s mom.


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