About Us

We aim to live lightly on the earth and integrate sustainable ranching practices into our operation. We are committed to providing delicious, nutritious food to our community while practicing responsible stewardship of the grassland ecosystem.

Bart grew up on the ranch, and brings ample experience and an inherent understanding of cattle and horses. Heather grew up in Rochester, New York, surrounded by rolling hills of farmland and apple orchards. She was fascinated by the local living history museum, and by the tales in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books, yet ranching and farm life were far removed from her personal reality during childhood. After college, she ended up in Montana and was immediately hooked on the wide open spaces and relaxed atmosphere.

We met in Billings in 2008, and together dreamed of living a simpler, sustainable existence up on the prairie. In 2014, we moved north and started Coulee Creek Ranch on land that had been in the family since Bart’s great-grandfather Enoch Bilden established a ranch here in the early 1900s. We now raise Red Angus cattle, along with a few horses, chickens, and occasionally some sheep and pigs.

Our Team

Jack (right) and Jill (left), enjoying a cool bath after a hot day’s work. They are a hard-working team of half-draft Percherons that help us feed the cows in the winter and mow hay, spread manure and harrow in the summer.
Doc (left) an English setter living a fine life in retirement on the ranch, and Maverick (right) a super smart and perennially happy border collie who loves to help move cattle and sheep.
Whiskey – a talented and high-spirited horse that instinctively knows how to move cattle.
Ruby (on left, meeting Jay), is a calm, but quick mare that is always excited to help move cows
Jay, a sweet and gentle horse that just joined our team