Scenes from the Ranch May 26, 2023

It is with a heavy heart that I share this week’s Scenes from the Ranch. Our sweet Jersey cow Hot Lips died this week. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to save her following complications from milk fever. I miss her calm presence in the barnyard, the licks from her rough tongue when I fed her treats, the hollow spot behind her top knot where she loved to be scratched, her beautiful big brown eyes, and her wonderful mothering nature. There is a hole in my heart and a palpable emptiness in the barnyard. Thank you Hot Lips for always bringing a smile to my face and for sharing the bounty of your delicious milk with us these past few years. You are sorely missed.

Bear the barn cat makes himself at home on the patio every morning and evening. He waits for me to sit on the porch, and then swiftly jumps up on my lap for some snuggles. His constant purring helps to cheer me up a bit.

Amidst grief and loss, new life emerges. The prairie golden bean is in full bloom, decorating the prairie with bright splashes of color. Most evenings this week we’ve gotten some rain. It is a relief to see that the landscape is greener than it has been in a few years.

Maverick tags along when we irrigate. He quickly gets bored and seeks out a patch of shade to snooze while we work.

Published by Heather Bilden

I live in Montana with my husband Bart. I enjoy working in the garden, taking care of the animals, and exploring the prairie with my dogs, my binoculars, and a reverence for the natural world.

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